Best Used 4-Season Travel Trailer Brands

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If you love RVing, you probably want to RV all year round. Unfortunately, many travel trailers can’t handle cold temperatures, leaving you shaking and shivering inside instead of enjoying a great RV trip. Thankfully, this isn’t the case for all trailers: enter the best used 4-season travel trailer brands.

Used 4-season travel trailers let you enjoy an amazing RV trip for less maney than their newer model counterparts, even when temperatures drop below freezing. Let’s take a closer look at used 4 season travel trailers, and some of the best brands available today.

Can You Live In A 4-Season Travel Trailer In The Winter?

Can You Live In A Travel Trailer In The Winter?
If you want to spend the winter in an RV, a 4-season travel trailer is an excellent choice

Want to stay in your travel trailer year-round? The good news: with the right trailer, it’s entirely possible. 

If you want to spend the winter in your trailer, you’ll need a four-season RV. These will have the proper insulation to ensure you stay comfortable, even when it’s freezing cold outside. But even with a 4-season travel trailer, there are still some more steps you’ll want to take for maximum comfort. 

To keep your RV warm and comfortable in the winter:

  • Insulate windows with plastic film or bubble wrap
  • Use thermal drapes, or cover windows with quilted fabric or polar fleece. 
  • If possible, stick the drapes to the walls using velcro to prevent drafts
  • Cover vent openings with specially made RV vent covers or foam board insulation
  • Get an insulated cover for your AC to protect it and prevent drafts
  • Insulate any openings to the outside, such as plumbing and electrical openings, using low-expansion spray foam
  • Use rugs to insulate the floor

Keep in mind, though, that this extra insulation can lead to extra moisture in the RV. To help counteract this, it’s smart to run a dehumidifier, as that extra moisture can cause damage to things like plumbing. 

With a 4-season RV and these extra precautions, you’ll be able to stay warm and cozy, no matter what the weather outside is like.

The 10 Best Used 4-Season Travel Trailer Brands

Let’s take a look at the 10 best used brands of 4-season travel trailers. Each of these brands will have at least one, usually multiple, 4 season trailers that stand out from the rest.

Also, note that these are listed in no particular order; no matter which of these brands you choose, you can’t go wrong. 

1. Lance

Lance four season Travel Trailer
Lance 4 season travel trailer

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If you are in the market for a 4-season travel trailer, Lance is a great brand to start your search. They produce trailers that will keep you warm in the extreme heat and in the cold.

They have a Lance Four Seasons Certified option that has dual pane windows and advanced ducted heating. The ducted heating contains a water heater bypass and a winterizing valve. Additionally, the trailer has insulated hatch covers and heated holding tanks.

The ducted heating system that comes with Lance’s 4-season travel trailers is routed into individually insulated holding tanks. This keeps the system, the valves, and the PEX lines warm.

The water heater system that is included in their trailers makes draining the system for winter storage incredibly easy. With other trailers, this might be a long and drawn-out process, but with Lance, it will be quick and efficient.

Additionally, the hatch covers give the trailer and extra layer of insulation. The more insulation the better in 4-season travel trailers because the more insulation you have the warmer you will be.

2. Oliver

2020 Oliver Legacy Elite Ext
2020 Oliver Legacy Elite Int

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Oliver knows that camping in the winter can be incredibly uncomfortable if you are not prepared. As a result, they have put a lot of money and resources into producing a travel trailer that is great for the winter.

Oliver knows that the most important thing when it comes to winter-proofing a trailer is the insulation. So, that is where they started when they decided to make a four-season travel trailer. They used an insulated double-sided radiant barrier for their insulation. This barrier is made of reflective aluminum foil on each side of a 5mm polyethylene bubble center.

Additionally, they understand that you need a good furnace to ensure that the trailer is heated up quickly. So, their four-season travel trailers include an 11,000 BTU ducted furnace. This furnace evenly distributes heat throughout the trailer. It even heats up the space between the inner and outer shells.

Furthermore, four-season travel trailers are not just for the winter; they are also needed in the summer. So, they have a Dometic Penguin II roof-mounted air conditioner and the MaxxAir Fan Deluxe that come with the trailer. These things will help keep your trailer nice and cool in the summer.

Additionally, the trailer comes with double-pane windows. These windows make camping in the winter even more bearable as they provide another layer of insulation.

The trailer includes a double hull. This is the space between the two shells of the travel trailer. It is the space the water tanks and plumbing occupy. There is extra protection in this space to help prevent condensation from forming.

3. Dutchmen

Dutchmen insulated under belly
Dutchmen 4 season camper trailer

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Dutchmen do not have trailers that are explicitly labeled 4-seasons. However, that does not mean that they do not have trailers that fit that category. Many of their trailers have a heated and enclosed underbelly which helps keep the trailer insulated during the winter.

Their trailers also include a high-output furnace that will help heat up your trailer very quickly during the winter.

4. Keystone

travel trailer with king bed 2020 Keystone Outback 313RL Ext
travel trailers with king bed Keystone RV Outback 313RL

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Keystone is one of the best brands you can choose to buy from for your four-season travel trailer. The trailer has been tested many times to prove that its trailers are insulated effectively. To test their trailers they set the temperature inside their trailer to 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

They then lowered the ambient temperature outside the trailer to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though the temperature outside was drastically cooler, the temperature inside the trailer was at 72 degrees. Additionally, the holding tanks, dump values, and waterlines all remained intact and operational.

The insulated main floor has an R-value of R-21, and the insulated slide-out floors are rated at R-15. The insulated double-layer supported fiberglass sidewalls are valued at R-11, and the radiant technology insulated roof has a value of R-11.

Furthermore, they have 35,000 BTU furnaces with auto ignition as well as a high-capacity foam core straight-line heat duct system. The attic system is fully vented, and the underbelly of the trailers are heated, insulated, and enclosed.

Additionally, the trailers have 12v electric tank heaters and heated city water low-point drains. All these four-season features are available as an additional feature with any trailer you purchase. They are included in the Montana Four Seasons Living Package.

5. Livin Lite Camplite

KZ Escape Mini
KZ Escape Mini Camper Trailer

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Livin Lite Camplite is another brand that does not advertise its trailers as four-season options. However, they are still very well insulated and could be taken out on the road to your campsite when there is snow outside.

Their travel trailers include a fireplace to help you keep warm and dual pane windows to prevent cold air from seeping through in the cracks of the window.

Additionally, their trailers are made from fiberglass which is one of the best insulation materials. They also use block foam and composite material to help keep their trailers insulated.

6. Heartland

Heartland NorthTrail 4 season travel trailer
Heartland all season travel trailer

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When you purchase from Heartland, you can add on the Yeti Extreme Cold Weather Package. This is one of the most popular winter packages among travel trailer buyers. With the package, you will get an enclosed and insulated underbelly.

You will also get R-38 insulated floors, dual pane windows, and several other features that will make your life easier during the winter.

Additionally, the package includes a 120v electric holding tank with heating pads. This will help ensure that your water stays warm and does not freeze even in severe conditions.

You will get even more protection from the cold thanks to the layer of R38 Radiant Technology insulation inside the front and rear caps. This will help eliminate heat loss through the ends of the fifth wheel.

Furthermore, the package includes insulation for the main waterline. It has a 12v heater line that senses when the temperature dips below freezing temperature. When this happens it turns on automatically to prevent freezing.

Trailers from Heartland have two-inch thick sidewalls with Azdel Backed Fiberglass. This provides you with a significant amount of insulation. They also come with a 30,000 BTU furnace that will help keep you warm even on the coldest nights.

There are also plenty of luxury features for you to add to the trailer with your purchase.

7. Northwood Arctic Fox

North Woods four season travel trailers
North woods four season camper

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The trailers from Northwood Arctic Fox have fully insulated holding tanks. They have warm air that circulates around the tanks to ensure that they are protected from freezing. The knife valves on the tanks are also enclosed which helps make sure that they do not freeze.

The rest of the trailer is insulated with a plethora of other materials. Notably, they use residential-quality rigid foam, batten, and reflective foil to help insulate the trailer during the winter months.

8. Outdoors RV

Outdoors RV 4 season camper
Outdoors RV four season camper

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Outdoors RV is proud to make trailers that can be taken out in the winter. They believe that you should be able to enjoy the comforts of your trailer at any time of the year.

To help you with this they have created the Climate Designed Four Seasons Package. This package contains several features which will improve your quality of life in your trailer during the winter months. It can be added to any trailer you like with your purchase.

The package includes mountain extreme thermal pane windows. These windows are thick and sealed shut so that no cold air can seep in through the cracks. The package also includes one-inch thick thermal insulated luggage doors.

This way your clothes will stay warm when they are in storage. There is nothing worse than putting on cold clothes, so this is a very nice feature to have included.

Additionally, the package gives the buyer an XL furnace to help heat up the trailer extremely quickly. You will also be given a Norcold Cold Weather Kit. This kit operates down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. 

9. Forest River Alpha Wolf

Forest River Alpha Wolf all season trailer
Forest River Alpha Wolf 4 season travel trailer

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Forest River Arctic Wolf offers the Elemental Protection Package. This package will help make your travel trailer a suitable living area during the winter. However, some of the features that are included in the package are not available for all models.

The package includes a high efficiency furnace with 35,000 BTUs. It encloses the underbelly with forced air heat to all the holding tanks. It also has a 5200 BTU fireplace with several heat and fan settings that can be adjusted remotely.

Furthermore, the package comes with an insulator series wood roof and floor superstructure. It has a seamless roofing membrane with heat reflectivity.

The package also helps buyers who only want to camp in the summer as it includes several cooling features. Firstly, it has an oversized bathroom attic fan to improve airflow. It also provides you with a racetrack-style ceiling air ducting system to maximize your cooling capacity.

The package provides the buyer with a 15,000 BTU supersized air conditioning unit. So, you will be able to cool down your trailer extremely quickly when it gets hot.

10. Jayco Eagle

Jayco Eagle 264BHOK ext
Jayco Eagle 264BHOK bunk beds travel trailer int

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Standard travel trailers from Jayco Eagle are built to work all year round. They include a 35,000 BTU furnace which will keep you warm at any time of the year. They also include a fully enclosed and heated underbelly which helps prevent cold air from seeping in through the floor.

Furthermore, their trailers are very well insulated as they have double-layer fiberglass batt insulation in the ceiling and floor. There is also double-sided radiant barrier insulation for the roof, floor, cap, and slide room floors. If that is not enough for you, there are plenty of luxury features that are included with their trailers as well.

an cause serious issues, so it is better to play it safe and get a dehumidifier.

Can You Use A Regular Travel Trailer In The Winter?

Can You Use A Regular Travel Trailer In The Winter?
While you can use regular travel trailers in the winter, it won’t be as comfortable as a 4 season travel trailer.

While it may not be as comfortable as a 4 season travel trailer, it is possible to use a regular travel trailer in the winter. But, you’ll want to take some extra precautions to make things more comfortable. 

Many of the methods we discussed previously to improve insulation apply here as well: cover windows with insulation and use thermal drapes, cover vent openings, insulate openings to the outside, and insulate the floor with rugs. 

It’s also smart to install an RV skirt. This will keep the wind from blowing under the RV, which can freeze water tanks and cool the interior. An RV skirt blocks the wind, ensuring you stay warm and toasty. 

You’ll also need to use your RV’s heating system to keep things comfortable. However, running this constantly can quickly run down your propane tank. So, it’s smart to either keep some extra full tanks around or connect to a large external tank if possible.

You may want to also consider other methods of heating, such as electric space heaters and electric RV fireplaces, which don’t consume propane and provide extra heat. 

On top of this, you’ll want to bring plenty of warm clothes and layer them up, even when inside. You’ll also want to bring plenty of blankets. And of course, cozying up with another person or furry friend can also help keep you warm.

Do You Need RV Skirting With 4 Season Campers?

If you have a 4 season travel trailer, RV skirting isn’t strictly necessary. However, if temperatures will get well below freezing, it’s still advisable. After all, even a well-insulated trailer can lose heat from the floor, not to mention the risks to your plumbing caused by freezing temperatures. 

RV skirting such as AirSkirts is a great way to improve your camper’s insulation. They take the form of material that is placed around the bottom of an RV, providing a barrier against the cold and wind.

This not only helps protect your plumbing and keep anything from freezing, but it also prevents cold air from getting under your RV and robbing you of precious heat. They also provide extra insulation by trapping warm air that escapes from the floor of your RV. 

Of course, there are other options besides buying traditional RV skirting:

  • You can DIY your own skirting using vinyl or foam board
  • You can use straw bales stuffed around the edges of the RV, optionally wrapping them in garbage backs to keep out pests
  • If it’s snowing heavily enough, you can simply pile snow around the rig. Odd as this may seem, it makes a great insulator (just ask the Inuits!).

Final Words About 4 Season Travel Trailers

If you want to RV all year long, there are few better options than a 4 season travel trailer. Thanks to better insulation, they stay comfortable and cozy no matter the weather. Contrast this with a standard travel trailer, whose insulation can’t stand up to below-freezing temperatures. 

Whether you’re in a 4-season travel trailer or a regular one, there are several things you can do to make things cozier. These include covering windows, vents, and other openings, putting skirting on your RV, and putting down rugs. But even without these steps, you can still stay comfortable in your 4-season trailer all winter long, unlike other travel trailers. 

With our list of the 10 best used 4-season travel trailer brands, you’re sure to find the right trailer for you. Once you do, you’ll be set to enjoy some amazing RV trips, no matter what the thermometer reads.

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