The MeerKat Trailer: A Tiny Camper You Can Stand In

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Updated March 1, 2024

If you combine a tiny teardrop trailer and a stand-up travel trailer you get the MeerKat trailer. Innovative and creative, the MeerKat trailer is the perfect camper for anyone wanting to dip their toes into the world of travel trailers.

The MeerKat trailer is compact and lightweight. But, simply pop the top, and you can stand up. A neat little camper, the MeerKat trailer is worth a closer look.

What Is a MeerKat Trailer?

What Is a Meerkat Trailer

As the perfect mash-up of a teardrop trailer and a small self-contained travel trailer, the MeerKat trailer has the best features of both. It is lightweight, easy to tow, and compact. At the same time, the MeerKat’s pop-top makes it feel as open and spacious as any small travel trailer.

The indoor kitchenette is conveniently located under this pop-top which gives you ample headroom for preparing meals out of the elements. The Meerkat also has a spacious dinette that transforms into a queen-sized bed. This little camper is also unique in that it does not have any water tanks to maintain. There is a lot to love about the MeerKat trailer.

Who Makes the MeerKat Trailer?

Who Makes the Meerkat Trailer

While it can be confusing, this “Little Guy” company is not the same one that is famous for the MyPod or the teardrop-shaped Little Guy Max and Mini Max campers. Those Little Guys are made in Somerset, PA by Xtreme Outdoors.

Little Guy Trailers out of San Diego, California, makes the MeerKat Trailer. The idea was to create a small, yet spacious trailer for campers who do not want the maintenance of water tanks or slide-outs.

As you might notice, the unique pop-top is the defining feature of the MeerKat trailer. You can easily pop the roof up to instantly increase the interior height of the camper to six feet. For people who require even more headroom, the MeerKat can be ordered with an extra-tall pop-top.

This extension will increase headroom to six feet four inches. Like an actual Meerkat, you can pop your head up and peer out the top of this unique little camper wherever you park it. 

MeerKat Trailer Specs and Dimensions

Meerkat Trailer Specs and Dimensions
  • UVW: 900 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight: 100 lbs.
  • Length: 13 ft.
  • Sidewalls: Aluminum
  • GVWR: 2,000 lbs.
  • CCC: 1,100 lbs.
  • Sleep: 1-2
  • Frame & Chassis: Steel

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Does The MeerKat Trailer Have Air Conditioning?

When camping, one of the biggest challenges is dealing with extreme temperatures. Staying inside a camper during hot summer days can be unbearable without proper cooling systems.

For this reason, many people wonder if the MeerKat trailer has air conditioning.

The MeerKat trailer does not come with air conditioning.

However, the cabin of the MeerKat trailer ensures ample airflow, and when you activate the fan and open the windows, it can provide a comfortable experience.

You can also install a portable air conditioner in the window or vent for a cost-effective solution that allows you to enjoy cool air inside your camper without significant modifications.

Is The MeerKat Trailer Good For Families?

The MeerKat trailer accommodates two adults comfortably, making it suitable for small families or couples. However, because of its compact size, larger families have better choices.

The trailer has a comfortable queen-size bed that can sleep two adults and has storage space underneath. Additional sleeping space, such as a foldable dinette booth, can accommodate one adult or two small children.

Although it may need more room for a large family, the MeerKat trailer is perfect for couples or small families who enjoy outdoor adventures and spending quality time together.

Its compact design allows you to easily navigate narrow roads and campgrounds, making it an excellent choice for family vacations.

What Kind of Vehicles Can Tow the MeerKat?

What Kind of Vehicles Can Tow The Meerkat

The Meerkat is easily towed by almost any four-cylinder vehicle. It is a travel trailer that weighs under 2,000 pounds, so if your vehicle has a hitch it can likely handle the MeerKat trailer.

Of course, a larger vehicle will also be able to tow the MeerKat. Regardless, you probably already have a vehicle that can tow the trailer with ease. This is just one more reason the MeerKat is such a great starter travel trailer.

5 Points We Love About the MeerKat Trailer

There are so many features that make the MeerKat trailer special that it is hard to highlight just a few. Of course, the pop-top is the most fun and memorable feature the MeerKat offers.

1. Pop-Top Roof Expansion

Points We Love About the MeerKat Trailer Pop-Top Roof Expansion

The vents in the canvas sides of the pop-top offer a unique 360-degree view of the scenery around you. In combination with the large windows on all four sides, these vents provide excellent cross ventilation. 

2. Large Windows

What We Love About the Meerkat Trailer Large Windows

The large windows on both the front and the back of the Meerkat trailer give the driver the ability to see through the camper when driving and backing up. If you need to fit into a tight space or park the MeerKat at a difficult angle, you could even move this lightweight trailer into place by hand.

3. Ultra Lightweight & Simple Storage

Points We Love About the MeerKat Trailer Simple Storage

As a travel trailer with a dry weight of under 1,000 pounds, it is easy to maneuver and tow. The compact size of the Meerkat trailer also means that it fits in a standard garage. MeerKat camper owners may not have to deal with travel trailer storage facility issues.

The Meerkat trailer can also go where many small travel trailers cannot. With thirteen-inch tires, a foot of ground clearance, and upgraded suspension the MeerKat can navigate some easier off-road terrains. 

4. Kitchen and Cabinets

What We Love About the MeerKat Trailer Kitchen

This small travel trailer packs a lot of great amenities into its tiny floorplan. Conveniently located under the pop-top, the kitchen space has a stovetop, freshwater pump, icebox, and more than enough counter space.

We love that there are no water tanks on the Meerkat trailer. Simply slip the freshwater hose into a five-gallon jug of freshwater and your sink is ready to go. The porta-potty also makes waste disposal quick and easy.

5. Convertible Dinette

Points We Love About the MeerKat Trailer Convertible Dinette

The bed in the Meerkat trailer is also a favorite feature. Unlike other small travel trailers that rely on the dinette table to add support for the bed, the Meerkat has a unique slide-out slat feature.

Freeing up the table means that even when the bed is set up, you can take the table outside to enjoy your meal in the fresh air.

Speaking of the dinette bed, the standard upholstery includes your choice of color accent. If you want to customize your interior even more, you can purchase your own upholstery fabric and MeerKat will install it in your camper at no extra charge.

Regardless of the esthetic you choose, you and your significant other will sleep comfortably in this queen-sized bed. If your family co-sleeps, you could even sleep as many as four or five.

There are so many features to love in the Meerkat trailer it is hard to say which is our favorite!

Optional Upgrades

Meerkat Trailer Optional Upgrades

Beyond the standard features, the MeerKat trailer offers several optional upgrades to enhance your camping experience. One of our favorites is the front storage box. The grated bottom in this compartment means that you can store damp or sandy items without worrying about a mess.

We also love the optional awning and side room tent. You can really expand your living space by taking the fun outdoors with these features. 

You can customize your MeerKat trailer with your choice of exterior color. Protect your investment with the optional all-weather cover, wheel covers, and a spare tire with a rack.

Other upgrades available for the interior of the MeerKat include both a refrigerator and an induction cooktop. Taller people, do not forget you can also request a bed extender.

Regardless of what upgrades you spring for, you will be camping in style and comfort in the MeerKat trailer.

Are MeerKat Trailers 4-Season?

The manufacturer does not advertise the MeerKat as a 4-season camper. 

However, it provides a comfortable camping experience with features such as three opening windows for ventilation, a pop-up roof, and an exterior awning to help with airflow and temperature control.  

Additionally, they built the trailer with a sturdy aluminum frame and insulated walls to help regulate temperature.

While it may not be suitable for extreme weather, many MeerKat owners have used their trailers during different seasons and climates with no issues.

We always advise checking the weather forecast and preparing for colder or hotter temperatures before planning your trip.

How Much Does The MeerKat Trailer Cost?

How Much Does the Meerkat Trailer Cost

With its unique features and interesting floorplan, you might be wondering how much the MeerKat trailer costs.

You may be surprised to learn that the sticker price on a MeerKat is a travel trailer under $30,000. Little Guy Trailers builds them factory-direct only to keep costs down. So, once your MeeKat is ready, you can start your RV adventure by heading to San Diego, California!

Get upfront price offers on local inventory.

Is The MeerKat Trailer Worth It?

The MeerKat trailer, manufactured by Little Guy Trailers, offers a compact and lightweight camping experience. 

Almost any four-cylinder car can tow it, and its small size allows for easy storage in a standard garage. 

The trailer provides a cozy living space with a dinette that converts into a bed for two, a kitchenette, a closet, a portable toilet, and storage areas. 

While there may be more affordable options in its category, its unique design and features suit those looking for a compact and versatile camping trailer.

Final Thoughts on the Meerkat Trailer

Final Thoughts on the Meerkat Trailer

The Meerkat trailer is small and compact like a teardrop trailer, yet spacious and comfortable like a travel trailer. That is why this unique trailer is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to join the travel trailer lifestyle. 

If you are used to tent camping, you will appreciate that the Meerkat trailer still allows you to enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of the campground. The Meerkat trailer has canvas walls in the pop-top that will mimic all the best parts of tent camping.

At the same time, you will enjoy the extra headroom and off-the-ground sleeping accommodations the MeerKat trailer provides. 

Compact, lightweight, and tankless the MeerKat is easy to drive, park, and winterize. The MeerKat trailer is simply one of the best and most fun small travel trailers on the market.


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