Ultimate Guide to Understanding RV Model Numbers and Letters

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What do all of these RV model numbers and letters mean? The numbers certainly don’t seem to have anything to do with the length of the RV or travel trailer. And the letters are a complete mystery. So we decided to come up with our Ultimate Guide to Understanding RV Model Numbers and Letters to make your RV search a little easier. 

If you’ve chosen the best RV floorplan for you and your family, you can use RV model numbers to look up the ones you want. These cheat codes will help you cut through the monotony of looking through all irrelevant RV floorplans and target those you actually want to see.

So, join us as we help you decipher RV model abbreviation meanings and where to find your RV model number. And we show you some great examples of what RV model letters and numbers mean on pop-up campers, travel trailers, 5th wheels, and Class A, B, and C motorhomes.

What Do RV Model Numbers Mean?

When you go to an RV manufacturer’s website and choose a particular RV, you’ll see multiple floorplans. The goal is to appeal to as many potential RV customers as possible, so each design alters slideouts and adjusts features. Based on customer feedback and previous sales, the RV companies know that these floorplan models sell the best.

The RV abbreviation codes representing the models are usually references to particular specifications and features that stand out the most to keep track of them. The codes start with numbers and end with letters. There is a universal code most RV brands adhere to, but some choose not to use it. 

For example, Lance Camper uses a numbering system for identification purposes. Except for the 1062 and 1172, their truck campers are three-digits. Their travel trailers are four-digits starting with 1475. 

RV Model Numbers VS. Actual Length

Before the Modern Era (2008- Present), the numbers in the model RV codes stayed true to the universal understandings. If it was a two-digit number, that represented the length of the RV. Three-digits equate to the square footage of the coach. 

In today’s era, Class A and B motorhomes generally use the two-digit length. Class C’s switch between the length and square footage depending on the RV manufacturer. Travel trailers and fifth wheels typically prefer the square-foot since there are so many variations in similar lengths.

Pop-ups, truck campers, and teardrops use the numbers as identifiers mostly. The subdivisions within these categories make the search easier. When you’re trying to find your favorite camper model number, look up its sub-category first to save some time.

What Are the Abbreviations for Travel Trailers?

Like the numbers, the model letters have meaning too. Most RV abbreviations are universal throughout the RV Industry. BH stands for a bunkhouse, and RB means rear bathroom. Sometimes you’ll find that an RV code stands for a particular feature in one brand and mean something different for another. For example, the letter “K” could mean King Bed for specific companies, but KZ RV uses it to signify the coach has an outdoor kitchen. 

In the tables below, we’ve delineated the universally accepted symbols and some brand-specific abbreviations to help you determine the RV code definitions.

Bathroom Model Letters

RB: Rear BathroomFB: Front Bathroom

Bedroom Model Abbreviations

BH: BunkhouseDB: Dual Beds- 2 QueensFQ: Front Queen
K/KB: King Bed-StandardQ/QB: Queen Bed- StandardTB: Twin Beds
MB: Mid-BunkRQ: Rear Queen

Kitchen Model Codes

BG: Bar and GrillCK: Central KitchenFK: Front Kitchen
IK: Island KitchenP: PantryOK: Outside Kitchen
RK: Rear Kitchen

Living Room Model Letter Meanings

FE: Front EntertainmentFL: Front Living RoomGE: Grand Entertainment
RE: Rear EntertainmentRL: Rear Living RoomRS: Rear Sofa

When RV manufacturers use the symbol “E” for entertainment, they refer to a living room with an upgraded entertainment system. For example, the section may have an upgraded LED TV, built-in surround system, and other standard features better than the regular multimedia system in their other RVs. 

Slideout Model Symbol Meanings

DS: Dinette SlideoutS: Single SlideoutSS: Super Slideout
TS: Triple SlideoutWS: With Slideout

Super slideouts can refer to those that extend out further than standard versions or full wall slideouts on the off-door sidewall.

Other Symbols

SLX/XLT: Lightweight/Ultra-LiteW/WE: Western States EditionDSO: Dealer Stock Only

States like California and others have different RV laws than eastern and mid-west states. To comply with these laws, RV manufacturers must make specific changes to their coaches for compliance reasons. In addition, some of these laws conflict with the east and mid-west laws so that the RV companies will have two different versions of the same RV and floorplan.

Dealer Stock Only refers to RV floorplans not open to the public. RV dealers can order them for their inventory. Before the backlog, Dealers would order these unique floorplans as crowd-drawing units. They would be the only ones in their area to have the particular floor plan. Today, RV manufacturers can make them but are trying to limit the number of models they offer to decrease backlogs.

6 Examples of RV Model Numbers and Letters

1. Forest River Rockwood Tent Camper 2716F-DSO Model Numbers and Letters

Popup camper model numbers and letters
Pop Up Camper Model Numbers and Letters
  • Symbol Meaning: Numeric identifier, series abbreviation, and dealer stock restriction
  • Open Length: 25.9 feet
  • Closed Length: 19.4 feet
  • Dry Weight: 2,854 pounds
  • GVWR: 3,360 pounds
  • Sleep: 7

The 2716F is a pop-up camper apart of the Rockwood Tent lineup. The Freedom Series is Rockwood’s mid-trim level. You’ll find a roof vent, additional exterior cargo attaching devices, and some creature comforts not seen on the Limited Series. The freedom series doesn’t give you the full trailer-like amenities like the luxury pop-up camper trim of the High Wall Series, but if you’re the outdoor activity type, this is the one you want to hook your bike or kayak on for your adventures.

On the door sidewall, the other floorplans give you the choice of either a long cabinet or a convertible gaucho sofa. This dealer stock-only model fits both a big cabinet and sofa bed to the left side of the door and a full wetback on the right. The model fits in the mid-trim Freedom Series, but it might be a luxury pop-up travel trailer with the U-shaped dinette on a slideout.

2. Model Numbers and Letters for the Jayco Jay Flight SLX 8 275RLSW Travel Trailer   

camper trailer model numbers and letters meaning
Travel trailer model numbers and letters
  • Symbol Meaning: Lightweight, square footage, living space feature, slideout, and region 
  • Length: 30.10 feet
  • Dry Weight: 5,815 pounds
  • GVWR: 7,800 pounds
  • Sleep: 3-5

When it comes to model numbers, Jayco’s model number meanings stick to the universal understandings. Jayco’s SLX travel trailers are the brand’s lightweight lineups. The numbers represent the square footage of the interior. RV abbreviations denote that this model has a rear living room with a single slideout. When you look at a Jayco RV code that ends with a “W,” that tells you the coach complies with the western states’ RV laws. 

If you’re looking for a mid-length travel trailer under 6,000 pounds, Jayco with the RV walkway spacing in the bathroom, bedroom, and living room. In 30-foot travel trailers, master bedrooms get claustrophobic, but Jayco spaced the walkways well enough to move around. Having the second entry in the bedroom will give you peace of mind in case of an RV disaster.

3. 5th Wheel Grand Design Reflection Model Number 367BHS   

fifth wheel meaning of model numbers and letters
5th wheel understanding rv model numbers and letters
  • Symbol Meaning: Square feet, section identifier that has a slideout
  • Length: 41 feet
  • Dry Weight: 12,474 pounds
  • GVWR: 14,995 pounds
  • Sleep: 6

The Reflection Series from Grand Design is a full-profile fifth wheel ideal for those living the RV full-time lifestyle. This particular model sports a mid-bunk with a slideout that’s multipurpose. It’s great for a second bedroom when you take advantage of the convertible tri-fold sofa. If you need the room as your RV workspace, the desk and reinforced wall above is an excellent foundation for your adjustable TV mount monitor and computer.

Full-timers with a 350/3500 series pickup truck won’t have any problems towing the Reflection 367BHS. If you’ve had a chance to read our article on EV Trucks in our June edition of RV Camping Magazine, the Atlis XL electric truck will act as your tow vehicle and your off-grid generator when you’re boondocking between destinations. 

4. Class B Airstream Interstate Model Number 24X Touring Coach 

Class b understanding model numbers and letters
Class B RV model numbers and letters
  • Symbol Meaning: RV length and floorplan identifier 
  • Length: 24.6 feet
  • Chassis: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 EXT 4×4 Silver with Black Package
  • Engine: Mercedez-Benz 3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel- 188 hp @ 325 lb./ft. torque
  • GVWR: 11,030 pounds
  • Sleep/Seat: 2/6  

The 2022 Interstate 24X is new to Airstream’s arsenal. The 24 refers to the 24-foot length that its Mercedez 3500 EXT chassis measures. The X stands for its 4×4 capabilities. This touring coach isn’t ready for RV expedition vehicle-level terrain, but you won’t have problems going off-road in muddy conditions or trekking through snow-packed trails.

Airstream’s interior toward’s the back of this Class B is very versatile. At first, you’ll see a bench on either side with a center aisle. On the walls and floor are track system strips to connect latches to secure gear. If you don’t need the floor latches, rubber coverings can save your feet from harm. If you want to stay close to each other, the benches reconfigure into a king bed.

5. Class C RV Coachmen Leprechaun Model Number 220XG   

Class C RV meaning of model numbers and letters
Class C RV what do rv model numbers and letters mean
  • Symbol Meaning: Square feet and bed feature
  • Length: 24.3 feet
  • Chassis: Ford E-350 
  • Engine: Ford 7.3L Godzilla V8- 430 hp @ 475 lb./ft. torque
  • GVWR: 12,500 pounds
  • Sleep: 6

If you’re in the market for a Class C motorhome, the Coachmen Leprechaun is a  brand that dates back to the 1990s. This 220 square foot has a unique cross-function garage (XG) feature mostly seen in Class B campervans. The rear residential queen-size murphy bed folds up, allowing for a massive amount of garage space.

For more versatility, the J-Lounge sofa y becomes a dinette with a dual pedestal table. For additional seating around the table, the J turns into a U with a pull-out 18-inch extension. Finally, to contain the mess, after your outdoor adventures, using the rear door into the garage leads to the bathroom, keeping the dirt away from the rest of the RV. 

6. Class A Motorhome Newmar Canyon Star Model Number 3927     

Class A RV meaning of model numbers and letters
Class A Motorhome meaning of model numbers and letters
  • Symbol Meaning: First two numbers are the length, second two are the floorplan ID
  • Length: 39.11 feet
  • Diesel Chassis: Freightliner MC Front-End Diesel (FRED)
  • Diesel Engine: Cummins B 6.7L Inline 6- 340 hp @ 700 lb./ft. Torque
  • Diesel GVWR: 30,000
  • Gas Chassis: Ford F-53
  • Gas Engine: Ford Godzilla 7.3L V8- 430 hp @ 475 lb./ft. torque
  • Gas GVWR: 26,000 pounds
  • Sleep: 4

The many different floorplan models of the Canyon Star made it the only Class A motorhome Newmar needed in its lineup. So if a customer liked a floorplan in the diesels but wanted a gasser, they could find it in the Canyon Star more than likely. The gasser even has floorplans the diesels don’t. So when Freightliner reintroduced a FRED chassis, Newmar said, “why not?” So now customers can have the diesel performance on the gas floorplans.

The 3927 is the only floorplan offered in the Canyon Star. The 39 represents the length of the motorhome, while the 27 is the model identifier. 7.10’ x 10’ garage is an excellent solution for your golf cart, ATV, or even a great work area to get your dog show competitor ready to win the blue ribbon. The front-end diesel is 4,000 pounds heavier but gives you an additional 2,500 pounds of gross axle weight allowance in the garage.

Where To Find Your RV Model Number

Now that you know how to read the RV codes to find the right model, you’ll want to know where to find them. At the left of the entry door, you’ll find the RV model number. You’ll also find it on the RV manufacturer’s website, dealer’s website, owner’s manual, and other places. If you’re not sure, it never hurts to ask. Unfortunately, some RV manufacturers who don’t play by the universal coding system make it very confusing.

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